Monday, December 19, 2011

Lack of understanding

I was raised in a house learning religion. Learning about forgiveness, and most importantly God's grace. Love has always been something I have held dear, and forgiveness is something, that although hard at times, I have learned. People in my life have often remarked at the fact that it takes lava to get me to my boiling point, but like lava, I too have learned to cool under some of the most hurtful situations.
I witness people turning to God, using God as some sort of way to almost excuse their own behavior towards others. I guess I lack the understanding or I lack the knowledge where it is in the scripture that says treat some people in a righteous manner while walking over other and being down right cruel to others. That part may have been removed from my Bible, and that's okay, I wouldn't want a Bible that makes actions okay for some and not okay for others.
I guess what I am getting at is something I read recently (Thank you Kim). It talked about people who TALK about needing to work on their relationship with God (not saying that is a bad thing), but find themselves gossiping about anyone, or putting people down in subtle ways rather than lifting people up. The article went on to talk about how people are so quick to express their religious beliefs yet cut out family members for actions they didn't agree with. Pretty sure that isn't in the Bible either. Now I am not saying go hug your drug dealing, gun smuggling relative and help them commit a felony. But condemning family members and shutting them out for things they may not even understand, while in the same breathe spreading God's love for everyone- take a good look at yourself! Try...
I love my family, all of them (yes I said it)! One way or another either by blood or adoption, or marriage, my family has embedded themselves into my life and I would move heaven and earth for them. When they hurt I hurt. It sickens me to know however, that there is a member of my family that for whatever reason has decided that it is better that my family is not apart of their lives. WOW! But please by all means- love the Lord with all your heart!
This holiday season I have tried my best to toe the family line and be jolly. I guess the reality of the holidays really hit me when I realized my kids were not going to school today- I haven't even set up the Christmas village. The house is barely decorated. The tree and the lights are done, but that's about it. If my wonderful hubby didn't have a part in it, it didn't happen. It's hard to explain, it's hard to understand... mainly because I lack the understanding of why! But like she likes to say over and over again, I guess it's all part of God's plan!