Friday, September 30, 2011

Waiting for the end

Went to the Doctor and I knew I was looking at getting something... every time I am sick it is never a matter of "take an over the counter medication" and see how you do. Nope there is always something that involves a trip to the pharmacy. So I waited... Waited as she reviewed my file, almost looking for all the other treatments (I was wondering if she was just going to copy it or come up with some new) and she finds it- amazing- I've been sick before, and they have treated me before- really amazing! So she writes the scripts, and sends me on my way with a warning to rest the next several days and if I am not better by Monday to call... really? If I am not better by Monday- I think I will be dead- MONDAY! Wow! Great, so I am waiting for the end of this wonderful cold. I can't start taking my MS medication again until I am officially "cold free" but if I go longer than 14 days it starts a whole other health issue with my heart. Great!