Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Sometimes I think it is better not to know everything. When we are little one of our favorite words is "why". We want to know everything. We need to know what makes things run, work, happen, and not work. As we get older we find those answers sometimes the hard way, and sometimes through others. I have seen my share of "wish I didn't know that" and "I sure am glad I know that" but sometimes there are things in life you just can't prepare yourself for. Those are the things that hurt your heart. Those are the things you wish you didn't know. I think people would laugh a little more, dance a little longer, and hug just a little tighter if the things they didn't know never happened. Sounds kind of strange, but people end up shielding their heart afraid someone will come in and shatter it they end up missing out on the finer things of life. We get this one chance to enjoy it... we better make it a good one with the things we know...

Yeah... I know how to live... one wave at a time!