Saturday, July 9, 2011

stopping to think

Saturday's come after a long week of work... sometimes we are lucky and the week flies by, sometimes the weeks drag on as if never ending. Then Saturday is here! The day is always packed with to-do lists that can never really be done, and lists of people you would love to spend time with, but some how miss seeing. I wish sometimes we worked the weekends and had the weeks off! Five days to do what we need to do on the weekends, and visit with the important people in our lives. I think about work and wonder what would happen if everyone could only do their jobs 2 days a week- sure buildings would take forever to build (if we staggered those two days it could happen), stores would need to work with me on this... but I just think we would be happier in life if we took time to enjoy it more and stress less. I even here my stay-at-home mom's (GOD LOVE YOU!) stress over what they can't get done because of the endless needs during the week in preparation for the weekend- just crazy I tell you! I want to enjoy my time.
I have a paper to finish writing today, photos I need to go through and hopefully post, a house I should attend to (that won't happen-watch), laundry that needs to be done, and find sanity (I hear they have it somewhere). I figure that is a good enough list!
Wish me luck!