Thursday, July 14, 2011


The money is paid and I am hoping that I just may be completed with BS degree! I know I am done with all the BS that goes on within my classes. I look around and all I can think is these are the people that are "earning" the degree I am? WHAT! But then I remember- MY GRADES! I listen to my classmates complain about barely getting through their classes and "staying active" and I scratch my head trying to figure out what that means- I have completed 105 credits (am currently taking 3 right now and have a 100% in that class) so I have 12 more to go (hoping to get out of those with my PLA) and I am sitting on a 3.87 GPA. Yeah, I took it seriously! Why wouldn't I? But that got me thinking, I took it seriously for many reasons- what happens that people pay for school yet kind of attend? Don't get it! All I know either way I walk WITH my husband in September and I can't think of a better thing to do!