Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Couple little words

I am in the middle of total stress- work, to the point where I sent it home- something I hate doing, I was driving to pick up my girls only to take them with me to a meeting. That is when I get the first text- "don't forget the girls"- yep I'm on it- and everything else in my insane life. I let him know what is going on and he comes back with a couple little words I really needed "love you". It's amazing how a couple words in a text can change things... I still had to get the kids, I still had to get to the meeting, and I still had work waiting for me when I got home- even though when I woke up this morning my plan was to go watch him umpire his game tonight. Plans change- but his love for me never has, that gets me through... best couple little words all day!