Friday, August 23, 2013

Amazed by people

Often people tell me they are shocked by how people treat them, then they proceed to tell me the situation. In the end, I'm not. Sad but true, most behavior is self serving and impersonal. The what have you done for me lately? Sort of thing... If you don't serve a great purpose often people toss you aside or lower you on their list of priorities. Fair? Maybe, right? Usually not. Often the people that are in the most need of human interaction, support, love, encouragement, understanding, and a moment of someone's time are often the ones tossed aside for the "stars". So what happens? That person who was already low falls lower, already feeling alone sinks a little lower, withdraws a little deeper. Someone coming to mind already? Maybe instead of focusing on just the people that make you look the greatest, do the most for you, or seem the brightest, search out the people in your life that you talk to on occasion. Find out what drives them, encourage them, get behind them, help them fly! See what happens... Then see what happens next time you see them, you may be surprised!