Tuesday, June 18, 2013

She wore what?

Recently as part of our move my husband and I encouraged our kids to go through their clothes and rid themselves of anything that doesn't fit, they don't wear, or the just don't like. We also encouraged them to get rid of clothes that no matter how much they loved, if it had tears, rips, and holes- it needed to go to...

That said we decided that we would be an example. We were moving! Did we really want to carry all our clothes to the new house? We work 5 days a week, we are home 2. Even if we rush home and change out of work clothes every day... how many tee-shirts do you possibly need? 205... WRONG ANSWER! Yeah, it was clear that there was some thinning that needed to be done and it wasn't our hair we were thinking...
We found a shirt from when Lizzy was a baby and I "finger painted" their three hands on the shirt for Father's Day. Keep. We found shirts from YEARS of baseball, softball, and football where they guilt you into buying so you can sit and cheer your child on, learn to hate the coach and other parents, and in some cases some of the kids... TOSS! (HATE is a nasty word, maybe I should say learn to not tolerate). Then their were the volunteer shirts... WOW what haven't we done... Whales, we haven't saved the whales... I think there's a fat joke lurking that we really didn't want to step in so we backed away from that cause and figured they could find some skinny person willing to risk being eaten. While its great to volunteer for ah... everything, some shirt designs... ah wow! TOSS some, Keep Some! Benefit walks... now I don't know about you, but when you EARN and I mean EARN a shirt by walking/running whatever the distant and end up with blisters or that great rash - you know where... I don't know about you but that shirt becomes more than just something to collect your sweat, its almost like a badge of honor... KEEP! Long live the BOOBIES, DIABETES, HEART, AND MS PEEPS!

So after tee-shirts came all our other cloths- that was easy!
But we did do one other thing... LIKE MORONS we did allow our kids (WHAT WE WERE SETTING AN EXAMPLE) to comb through and if they had a "favorite" something they could grab it up. - So much for a clear purge!

What to do with all this... Well, we wanted to show our kids a few lessons... Sure donations are great (and trust me- stay tuned) but we wanted our kids to learn that they have options and could make money (sometimes) by getting rid of what they don't need.

We knew of a woman that buys and sells GENTLY used cloths (thrift shop). So off we went with PILES of NICE clothes. (Tee-shirts GONE).

Now mind you I was BORN in 76', I know you are all looking at the photos in pure disbelief (and that is fine). I GRADUATED high school in 94' (yes, on time!) So MOST of my clothes that I own are from 2007 and beyond... Believe it or not I do have a few items from 1996... only because of the quality!

Okay so here were are... she is going through my husbands dress shirts (mind you he is only a couple years older than me) and pants- as she sorts them she turns and looks and says- "hmm... looks like its from the 80's... " ah, okay... then she starts going through my stuff... she pulls out a few things, talking all the while about how "nice" things are, but then also saying things like "this is a 80's color, this looks early 80's, this is from late 70's, hmm, this is from what early 80's maybe, then she looks at one thing and looks at me like- hmm, you wore this..." (but that item she keeps).

Now seriously, this was ALL adult clothing... 70's I was 4 at the end, the 80's I was 14 at the end... so NO... NONE of the items are from any of those time periods, and no- none of the items where the "retro throw-back" idea....

I had two thoughts standing there (before she paid us)...
1) A simple yes/no is easy enough... I wasn't there for fashion lessons (and to be honest I wouldn't be asking her in the first place.
2) I am not sure how old she thought my husband and I were so I wasn't sure if I should be insulted or flattered, but either way it was kind of rude (see #1).

So in the end she took a bunch of stuff, paid us cash... who doesn't like cash? And we carried (okay my kids carried) the rest to the car. The rest of the clothing will be up for sale at our yard sale (God help me!) Then OFF to Goodwill or some where else...

I find it very funny she didn't even want to look at some very expensive tailored suits... but to each their own! I guess its not her market.

As for my kids... the PILE of STUFF that didn't make it to the new house grew beyond my wildest dreams! Apparently seeing mom and dad get cash for clothes we didn't want anymore was enough for them!