Sunday, August 25, 2013

They do grow up

There was a time in my life when I really thought I would be changing diapers (not that Rich didn't) and chasing little ones forever. Erik was 5 when Elizabeth was born, he turned 6, Amanda turned 8 (yes, for those that follow, on the same day) shortly after. Having a newborn was interesting to say the least, Amanda had a "girl" she would one day play dress-up with, Erik had a "sister" he would forever have to protect while at the same time have to convince playing on the "dark side" in boy land is way more fun.  While any one who knows us, knows neither of my girls really grew up being girls... That "dark side" just had cooler toys I guess. Besides nerf gun wars are way more fun then pairing up Barbie shoes any day of the week... Yes, I did say shoes... And while both girls went through phases of loving certain dresses (I still have Elizabeth's blue dress & her "Nana" dress) in the end the dirt always won. Can I say I'm surprised? Heck no! Call it upbringing, call it genetics, or call it the opportunities they were presented. Softball started for Amanda when she was 9 (you see where this is going) and keeping our soon to be dubbed "Lizard" off the field became the biggest task. Explaining to a 4 year that she couldn't play fall ball after she broke he arm was probably one of the toughest (or so I thought). Arm in cast she would smack her arm and announce how she could still run, and it was "fine" she could play. Oh how she was miserable. With her latest injury the mere thought that she might miss a single pitch has her trying to make a come back a week too early. Stubborn, hmm yeah... I would say I have no clue where she gets that, but my mother would quickly chime in with plenty of examples including one of a track meet where I slipped and fell at the beginning of the meet in the High Jump (mind you I hadn't quite yet made my 5'5" tall stance yet) tore open my shin only to have it bandaged and finished competing the rest of the day. I have a few medals I still actually have from that event. I was no super track star, but that day... I was, and I have the medals from each event to say so! 
So am I surprised that my kids have grown up to resemble me in some manner, no not really. Am I surprised that against the odds my kids push through and figure it out, no, I'm just proud. They will continue to grow, and well I guess I'll continue to blog and brag, cause after all.... That's Life in Blogging! ;)