Friday, September 30, 2011

September's end

September is winding down fast, wish my cold was traveling at the same pace. I took a new decongestant last night and that has seemed to help. I also did something I am not a fan of, but it was what was recommended to give me a fighting chance- I stopped taking my MS medication. Yikes! I am only stopping for a couple of days while my white blood cells have time to rebuild (at least that is what was recommended) hopefully, in a few days I will feel 100% and I can resume. Any thing longer than 14 days and I have to start all over again with a Dr.'s visit to ensure my heart doesn't stop... lovely! Nothing like taking medication that is oh so good for my brain but is wreaking havoc on the rest of me. Makes you wonder if a shot every day that destroys your muscles really isn't all that bad... just kidding! Trying to find the bright side today, looking hard... I'll find it! I know I will! I think I just did- Meg- I broke my "plain" Finally!!! down 5 more pounds and out of that last group!- about time! That's a total of 21 pounds so far! LOTS more work to do!