Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Moments of greatness

I would love to know who wakes up and says they hope their day will stink or that they will just have the worst day of their lives. Who does that? I really believe people wake up and start the day ready for moments of greatness, but I think sometimes they are lost on where people prioritize their lives.
How do you introduce yourself? People ask what do you do -what is your answer? I find it so interesting how people are wrapped up in there titles.  Me- I'm a full time wife, full time mom, I go to school full time, and oh yeah, I work full time for the City of St. Pete. If I were to say my "title" it would lead to more questions because it's government speak that means I work really hard for businesses and others and make okay money.
People kind of laugh- then ask why the order? I always laugh and answer in this way- I can't take a day off from being a wife or mom. School is part of life, and although classes are one thing there will always be life-long learning... then I work (full time). That is the one place I do get time off from- so why would that be the one thing I identify with? When my hubby calls or texts me at 11 am to ask if I can pick up the girls can I reply with- sorry honey I'm "off" today. When my son sends me a text asking if hot tea will help his cold, do I respond with "sorry look it up on webmd- I can't talk to you- this isn't kid time?"
I can however say, "I would like Friday off- yep taking the day off of work" and no one thinks less of me.
I believe my best moments of greatness are when I hear the words "Mommmm, and Honey". Yep, that's when I do my best work! I may not receive awards, trophies, or letters from the Mayor thanking me for the way I handled the 1:30 am toothache, or upset tummy. But the next morning when my happy camper is up and ready - yep greatness! Sitting on the floor in my sons room while he talks about his playbook and talks about practice and coughs and coughs- but tells me he'll be fine- as long as I give him the secrets to getting better faster- yep another moment!
Being inspired- I laugh when I hear people talk about needing to find their inspiration. Not laugh at them, but just laugh. I think back to an Oprah show and book club the "Every One Has a Story". People look at their lives and think oh, not me, nothing for a BOOK- but really- maybe not a whole long novel, but you have a story and it's something to be told and you'd be surprised who would be inspired by your life. I listen to people and I am continually inspired by their lives what they have done and what they continue to do... it makes me feel like I have raise the bar! Be brighter than the sun- moment of greatness!  So instead of looking at life like something bad might happen, or just a bummer- I look at life hoping to inspire someone- that's my moment of greatness- what's yours?