Sunday, August 14, 2011

Things that drive me nuts!

This could take a while but then no one would want to sit and read the whole list...
I found myself a tad heart hurt last night talking with someone important. I was relating (again) how I had gone to great lengths to avoid hurting one of my younger sisters feelings by creating a photo album for my sister who had just got married and yet the whole time respected the fact that my other sister was working very hard on photos she had taken. I went as far as NOT posting the wedding photos on my facebook page, and I didn't even edit my photos (despite wanting to). Instead I emailed the photos to the new bride and let her make the decision as to what to do with them (again trying to be very respectful to everyone). Instead, I get told I hurt her feelings anyway- but not by her!
I shoot from the hip- speak my mind- bite my lip when I need to- but I fight my own fights. And I do not send others to fight my own fights- that drives me nuts!
Blocking me from your life- then blocking my family from your life? Not sure how that solves anything- that drives me nuts too! My niece isn't too happy with me or some of the things I have said recently (more shooting from the hip) so now I don't exist. But I always find it interesting when I do... that drives me nuts!
I have to finish my school work this evening... I haven't heard from either of my team mates- we have a HUGE paper that is due Monday night and neither one of them has so much as replied to my emails. I spent the better part of my day cleaning my house and then cooking because we had some guests over. I didn't get much help... so now that it's almost 7 I get to start on ME- that drives me really nuts!