Thursday, June 9, 2011


I once was told life was all about how you look at things- the perspective. My grandfather always taught me that true beauty wasn't about capturing a photo from the best angle, using the best lighting, or having the best equipment- it was the perspective. There is a photo in my parents house of the Statue of Liberty taken as though she is simply going for a walk, another photo of a now "famous to some" Pegasus with smoke billowing around it just so slightly- these photos never won anything, but every time I see them in my heart I remember his words- "when you take pictures, if its clouds (he loved the sky) or people you have to remember to capture the meaning and purpose of the moment in the click, because in that moment it will be forever frozen in time". He would tell me these little lessons while we developed pictures in the dark room, and I can't help but think of him as we have reached the digital age and it is SO easy to take 900 photos- he would develop 12 maybe 24. As I look through my lens I have a new found perspective...  I am so grateful and blessed for the life that was hand picked for me!
Love and miss you Grandpa Sam thank you for your wisdom! I hope this picture is one we would have printed together!!!