Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sunday mornings

Sunday mornings in Florida are just a blessing. For some reason I have found week after week, month after month, year after year we hardly have bad weather on Sundays. It may be "too warm" for some folks (I think when my Ohio friends are dealing with the teens- 80's would feel pretty good!), but we live in a word with indoor/outdoor fans, air conditioning, and pools! I hardly go anywhere any more that doesn't have AC even "historic" places have retro-fitted to include AC more to preserve and help with moisture as to encourage guests. (THANK YOU FOR THAT) Enjoying church on Sunday morning is one of those things that takes a moment out of our lives, builds us back up, and gives us a moment to reflect on what has gone on in the past week. I truly believe Florida SUN is sometimes the "FATHERS" way of making just that easier to rejoice. Some people rather worship at the beach in their own private ways (we actually have a church at the beach too- it's Florida after all), while others bring their family together in their patios, the fact that for some time during the day people take time to remember that the sun that is warming the earth rose from the sky and will set- has a purpose- and was created for us, is just so incredible. So this Sunday morning while I have friends dealing with the loss of three precious little boys, and family I don't get to see, and dear friends moving yet again after a horrible experience, I will take a moment to look into the sky and thank God for his warmth from the SON and giving me this Sunday to rejoice in him.