Friday, January 21, 2011

About time!

Okay yeah... practice what you preach! I noticed I fell off the wagon- the blog wagon! It's been since October since I wrote my last blog. Grant it since then football season ended, softball season ended, and now we are getting ready for spring softball, and Amanda took part in travel ball softball. So yeah- sports wise I've been a little busy. Add to that the whole holiday mess and then the fun of having hand surgery in December it's no shock at all that I haven't written anything!
So my surgery- I have decided I have beyond mixed emotions about it. While the idea was to fix the pain in my hand, I am on the fence as to if that is going to happen. I have limited motion. I have issues with certain fingers and my pain levels are up and down. Some nights I am in so much pain I can barely sleep. Those nights are hard!!

But living a blessed life like I do means two things- 1) I don't have to cook- seriously! 2) Out of the blue (like Jan 20) my hubby comes home with "I love you" type stuff and "hearts". Valentines Day is around the corner, but instead of making it that one day, he picks every day to love me. So while he notices me and cares for me all the time, it's about time other people start treating their loved ones the same, because I am just blessed and I know it! Thanks sweety!