Sunday, January 23, 2011

Nap time

Well the weekend is almost over and I am ready for my nap! Our taxes our done- yeah! I still have school work to do, but since I can barely keep my eyes open I think nap time is in order. My hand is killing me today. I think my scar tissue issues are getting worse so I am happy that my work has raised issues with the amount of time I can work and forced me to go back to the Dr. I don't think they will be happy with the results, but that is what happens when you ask questions... sometimes you don't always like the answers you get! Again not my problem! My problem has been trying to been getting better- and since I can barely move my hand without aches and pains (even as I type this) I think its fair to say asking much more out of me is getting a bit nuts.
Moving forward will be interesting...
So... as I hook up my tins unit again and lay down for some much needed rest, hoping my scar tissue breaks up a little more, and my pinky finger starts to behave, I will dream about perfection...  something I am hoping to have someday soon!