Saturday, October 2, 2010

Just a great day all the way around!

Okay, so waking up super early on a Saturday is never my cup of tea, but having my two favorite men dresses in pink and walking a 5k to help save boobies... that will make anyone's day! Then to top it off I had a fan club that kept moving to cheer us on! -Great kids! Afterwords it was so funny because we all looked around at each other a were pretty happy because we felt really good. We ran into some friends and took more photos...
Then on to lunch- Winghouse! Where else!!! Ha! Ha! Our friends there were bummed they missed out on the walk.... the gears are in motion! FUN TIMES ;)
Came home, time for softball roster issues and get them out to the teams and iron out issues! They start playing MONDAY!!! Crazy!
Softball kind of sorted out just in time to get in a nap, then head to Erik's game! Yeah talk about heroes! He walked a 5k this morning and will be playing a football game tonight- wonder when I will see him tomorrow morning... LOL! Probably when his girlfriend calls!
Wish I didn't have so much school work to type up this weekend... but like anything, if you have a great day all around, the next day you usually pay for it! dang!