Saturday, October 16, 2010

Fall in flip-flops

Today is one of those days.. when you smile because you can rake leaves in your yard in flip flops, sit in the warm sun and sit by the pool with a glass of wine (if that is your cup of tea) and just relax... The air is just right! Cool enough to be comfy, warm enough for shorts and tee shirts. I found laughing today because our leaves don't "change". We don't have the big colorful fall change over like I grew up. That has been kind of hard to get to used to, but we also don't have the really cold nights... That works for me! Instead, we have trees that never "appear" to change but then all the sudden you have colored leaves all over your yard? FUNNY to me.. what a mess! But the GREEN continues! As I rake in flip flops and catch my pinky toe with the rake I remember- hmm, that's right, you don't rank in flip flops just because it's beautiful out... that isn't smart... BUT I continue anyway, cause hey, I'm in FLORIDA- so when in ROME! So as my dogs follow me all around the property and the neighbor lady remarks once again about wonderful my yard looks, I just smile and look around knowing that I am pretty lucky! I mean really- fall in flip-flops? That's my kind of life!