Friday, October 11, 2013

New school year, new season

For those of you dedicated readers and life followers, we did move over the summer. Dogs, bearded dragons, iguanas, and a hamster.... Then the family!  Dedicated to providing the best educational opportunities for our kids possible, while we loved the size of our old house, the location didn't work. So with lots of detailed looking further North we moved, and we got a home that suits our needs (for now). The nice thing about the house is it once was (or at least was in the process of) an assisted living home (in a neighborhood). Weird, I know. It's a 4 bedroom home, two baths, and has all the bathroom safety features. In addition, it's got a complete fire suppression system. Even better, NO stairs! The steps outside were removed and smoothed to a ramp to the front door. Total score! So yes, total perfect "me" house... But enough about me! 
Erik remains at his school (always was the plan), and Elizabeth started middle school (yikes) this is were the comments flood in saying No way, you are way too young! Well thanks, but yes, middle school! And an awesome one at that! She is in a ton of advanced classes and just hit her stride right off the bat. The first grading period ended and they both did great. Erik's goal of improving his GPA this year is right on track. Lizzy's goal is already off to an excellent start! She can be very hard on her self. 
Softball season started and with our move came the need to move to a new league. Starting "over" can sometimes be hard, but then again this is Lizzy so although she isn't catching as much as she is used to (there's 4 catchers including her and she's the youngest) she has made a statement on the field. In true Lizzy fashion, she is proving herself and making a name, on the field... Right where it belongs! Always proud! But just like always she continues to be well rounded and her request for the tree climbing never stop. I hope her husband hunts, or something, cause otherwise he'll just have to put up with her need to have a tree house... Oh well!
Erik opted out of sports this fall, he wanted to focus on school, and is looking to start working again shortly. He amazes me with his maturity. I really have done well by him. He'd never admit it, but having Rich in his life really made all the difference in the world. He has been able to see that not all men run when times get tough, that's an important lesson! 
Amanda is doing great too! Working hard, with two jobs. She finally has a car, and is looking at options for school in the very near future. I laugh when people say, "well what does she want to do?" All I can think of is gee, I'm how old and what I "want" to do continues to evolve. I laugh, look at them and say, "grow up". When your that young, having just completed high school it's imbedded in you that you go to college. You go thousands of dollars in debt, at some point you figure it all out, and bam! You get a great job. Oops, except for one thing, that last part... Those great jobs are no longer a dime a dozen, and the specialized jobs often require specialized school, with specialized debt. So while kids are drinking college away, having parties, and figuring it out, sometimes it's better to work a little while you are figuring it out. Just a thought... From an MBA.... Who happens to be married to another MBA.... But then again... I could be wrong, and it could be just another rant of mine in a life of blogging.