Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Blogging and sticking around for the joy

When I first started to blog I truly believe part of it was a pressure pot in my brain saying "write your emotions, rather than blow something (or someone) up". I like to look back at the highs and lows of my life through my blogs and reflect at some of my greatest accomplishments. Some of my really good hair choices, along with shoes and hair designs... I mean after all, going back to school and getting two degrees is rather small compared to a really awesome pair of shoes!
A few years apart... just amazing!

I look back at some pictures of my kids. Holy moly, they are still alive! I completely have succeeded at not snapping! That alone should win me some year long Starbucks prize or a weekend trip to a spa. I always have pictures of them when they are angels, I really should take pictures when they are monsters, since blogging about them is easy enough. Oh, but then I wouldn't be able to maintain that image of whatever I am suppose to maintain. You know, that "mother-of-the-year" crap we all strive for and normally fall short on around oh, for me... January 15th- 16th... maybe sooner if it requires dishes too many times. The words "not fair, and why me" quickly get heard and I see my chances sliding before February makes its way. Oh, but then some event happens and I become "the best mom ever! Only to quickly fall from grace again when I dare to utter the word "no" or dare to suggest a room should resemble clean rather than a bombed out cavern.

At some point, maybe when they are, who knows my age, they will look back and think about all the "stuff" they were "forced" to do as they ask their maid to bring in the paper and  be grateful I prepared them for a life that would require greatness and wealth, so the wouldn't have to lift a finger. Lord knows anything less, and a hazmat team will be making frequent trips to their homes.

Yes, I enjoy my blogging do the simply fact that while yelling at home only raises blood pressure not the dust off of shelves, it has give me joy to look back over the years and see how my kids have aged. It also lets me know just were I went wrong all these years...

Yep, I'll be sticking around. I hope you do too! Please share your comments below good, bad, indifferent on how your "child raising" has progressed... or not... I'd love to hear from you!

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Thank you for all your support! I mean really, you could have stopped reading along time ago, but you continue to hang in there with me. You really do think I'll snap don't you? That's okay the odds makers in Vegas are leaning that way too... something about my brain and all... I forget... MS! ;)

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