Monday, November 12, 2012

Days we reflect

We all have those days when we reflect on our lives. Certain holidays, any meaningful date, and of coarse days that are designated for reflection. To be honest, my life is full of reflection, not because the calendar says so... but because I have SO many reasons to.
Many have asked why I blog, and more why I have two blogs... My answer, simple... I always want to be able to go back and remember- remember it all. The good, the bad, and yes- the ugly! The ugly has made me who I am, and in those darkest moments shinning stars always seem to come out. That silver lining!
I have so many people that shaped my life to really allow me reflect on things I have and haven't done, but I do know I can always do more.
Dates will come and go, but it will be the people that will always make them important. I plan on making my days here as important as possible!

Looking back... that's what I've been taught!