Sunday, February 5, 2012


I feel sometimes all I ever do is complain. I fear that sometimes that how people might see me "the complainer". Yikes! Who wants to be that person? Often when things are going so well in my life I am so wrapped up in those moments I forget to stop and take a moment to let everyone else know how great they really are.
I was looking over my blog posts one day and notice long gaps in between posts and then rantings on other days. Hmmm... it seemed when life wasn't going quite my way I would make time to post the "horrible" news, yet when things are bright and sunny I am far too busy to let those that love me, know just how great things really are. I guess the comforting part to all that revelation was there there huge gaps in my postings... It would leave one to thing that the good days far out weigh the bad ones. Well at least that's how I decided to look at it! Sure there is that daily moment when I am driving and someone cuts me off and it's all I can do to want to "cycle" through my weapons on blow their car up... but then again, since my life isn't a video game I am forced to remember the hazard light button isn't a rocket launcher and I can't blow up the car in front of me, no matter how hard I try. It's in those moments that I laugh, if that's the worst part of my day. I have it pretty good!
Today was day two of horrible back pain. I walked all over the place hoping to "loosen" it up. All I really managed to do was make my feet sore, but hey it draws my attention away from my back, so I guess there is a bright side after all. :( The best part was spending the day with the kids. They were alot of fun today. Not something I get to say everyday, but they were. Anyway, despite being in a ton of pain and grateful I can type in bed, I have to look at the big picture! My life is full, full of craziness! But just when I think, wait a minute- this stinks! I am quickly reminded how good I really do have it! I am beyond blessed, and I know it!