Saturday, January 7, 2012

Morning wake up

Most people know by now I have MS... this week cold, I mean real cold settled in my wonderful state of Florida. Without my permission! The thought! That said my body under went a full on attack. My MS decided it wasn't sure what was happening or how to react. The new medication I am on (loving) no longer requires injections (loving) however does a wonder to my immune system (not loving). So as this cold weather came, my immune system took a nose dive.
I woke up this morning with the worst leg cramps. NOT THIS MORNING! I have important things to do! Real important!!! Today is the Spring premier and I need to be my best! AHH, so not cool! So what a morning wake up! As I headed out with my dogs to the great outdoors it was warm (warmer) and nice... ahh my Florida!!! Yeah I have a Good Feeling! Thanks Flo Rida!!! My morning wake up is complete!