Thursday, May 19, 2011

Friends and regrets

I love my Megan! I met her during one of the roughest times in my life and she loved and accepted me through God's eyes. It was wonderful, and without judgement.

One of the things that happens when "you" grow up you make plans... we planned on growing up and living on the same block... you know the our husbands will figure it out thing... to be honest, I think if our husbands ever did meet, they would! My husband isn't one to have alot of friends, just his personality, he's got a bunch of friends, but close friends... he's picky! These guys... same thread! Family first! Anyway, the stars were made differently, and before I knew it I was in Florida- perfect choice for me- the cold kills my body. As for her, she has become the state hopper... Kentucky, Virgina, New York, and now Illinois. During this WHOLE time we have managed to keep in touch here and there. The internet is a wonderful thing...
But I can't help and to think how I miss, I mean truly miss my friend. Miss the fact that she isn't down the street, sitting in my backyard. The guys aren't cooking on the grill... I miss my friend! And more so, I miss the fact that I can't help her when she needs me. Two little kids, you need a good friend- that should be me! So as they have packed up this morning bright and early to head to their next location, next state, I secretly hope it isn't there last. I KNOW Dave isn't a beach bum like Meg... but I keep hoping he finds a want ad someday down here that he can't walk away from... and I will get my chance... Selfish, just a little... but to the person that opened her arms and didn't judge me, I wish I could open my arms and give her a hug and hold her when she needs the extra strength to push through... I love you MEG!