Monday, May 6, 2013

Growing up... FAST

There was a day when I thought my kids would never leave, okay, let's be honest there are still days I think that. But as conversations in my house are more "eye level" and in some cases starting to put a strain on MY neck, I have come to realize, before too long there will be more room in my house.
So... do I go with a hot tub or do I set up a bigger office? My first thought is the hot tub, but the practical side says an office seems to make more sense.
All jokes aside, oh the hot tub really isn't a joke! I will sort of miss them when they are gone. I mean I won't miss cleaning up after them. I certainly won't miss "Nobody". As in "Nobody did it". I am totally looking forward to THAT person and "Not Me" moving out! I wish I could charge those to rent for all the havoc they cause in my house. But it will be quite, I will miss the loud tv, arguing over the remote, and fights over the computer. Who am I kidding? NO I WON'T!
I will miss cleaning up after them when they were told to do chores like sweep so I could mop, only to have to re-sweep because there is no way I can mop... wait I won't miss that either.
I'll miss the way they greet me when I get home from work all happy to see me- wait I'm thinking of the dogs! The kids just want to know what's for dinner (after being home themselves for almost two sometimes three hours)- yeah getting right on that.
I'll miss the way they handle laundry! Well they do take care of their own... that is a good thing- how they take care of it... yeah I won't miss that! MARCO... POLO!

So I will miss them when they are gone, but I will rather enjoy not doubling my efforts. Who knows maybe I might learn this thing I hear about- free time? Werid!
"Hanging at the Beach Anna Maria"