Sunday, January 13, 2013

Try-out pressure

First post of the new year- really? Ahh its that time again... the great fresh air of try-out pressure. What am I talking about? There is nothing GREAT about parents thinking their kid is the next Derek Jeter or Jenny Finch. Let's get a few things straight...
One- My kids are "okay- to good". Are they the best player you will ever have NO! Because for 1- they are lazy whenever you let them be 2- they rarely have a coach that pushes them (see number 1) 3- they don't see sports as there ticket out (they don't really have an "out" to be concerned with to begin with)

Two- My kids enjoy sports. At this age (my kids range from 10-18) they are not playing sports to make money. They show up at a field and want to laugh, meet people, share a common interest and leave. (In case you forgot what laughing sounds like click here- Laughter). I know... weird uh?

Three- My kids enjoy learning- I know STOP the presses! But each year since they have started playing sports we have watched as they have barely been able to figure out what they were suppose to do, to now when they get it. Grant it, they aren't Derek Jeter... No Peyton Manning living under my roof... but they continue to improve... that's what its about!

Four- My kids LIKE getting dirty. I know there are people that just rolled their eyes at the thought of another load of laundry. Not me! I like the fact that on any given day my worst fear is trying to get out a stain from clothes not the couch. (I have the dogs to give me that head ache). I'll take dirty clothes over busted game controllers any day... ACTIVE- I love it!

Five- My kids have learned "its not fair". You don't always win, and not everyone gets a trophy. Calls don't "always" go your way (even if your Dad is the umpire!). And RESPECT is the only thing you can walk away with that YOU control. Doing the right thing, no matter how hard it is... makes things fair...

I might not be the best parent, and Lord knows I have made my share of mistakes... but I do know... that come try-out time each year my motto is always the same...
"Be Excellent in everything you do... its your name (number) out there... Show them who you are.. the rest well.. you can't control... make yourself proud! I already am!"

Lizzy Batting, Erik umpiring

Lizzy right before Tournament

Lizzy Catching, Erik behind the plate

Lizzy sliding into home....

My Blue.... Sectionals 2012