Sunday, October 21, 2012

Truly Awesome

Today was one of those days... the days that just flows. But what was even better was what I witnessed. Elizabeth was invited to a birthday party, dropping her off we were asked (begged) to stay. Her older brother who is 16 was all to willing to "help out" in the realm of Lazer tag. The first rounds showed just what a great shot Lizzy really is, and what a good sport and big brother Erik is. The two of quickly "owned" that place among the 30 or so other players each round and it was funny watch each round come end and they would fly out for the final scores. Then turn around and congratulate each other on another job well done. They worked  together to "work" the game machines and amass a huge amount of tickets to combine them in the end for prize time.

When we got into the car on the way home, my normally 16 year-old always jumps in the front (that rite of passage), but not today, nope he continued his time with his sister sitting in the back seat as they relived their time together.

I have moments in my life I look back on with my sisters and laugh and smile as the memories live on... today will be one of them for them... yea... Little E and Big E... had that truly awesome time together today and no one told them they had too...

The night before... Little E was bowling with her big sister... you think this 10 year old won't look back at her life one day and think "WOW... how cool..." Well you better believe it! I think it's truly awesome how they spend time together- and enjoy it!!!