Saturday, September 29, 2012

Growing up together

Along time ago I became a mom... like 16 years ago long time ago...
I think anyone that has become a mom would tell you when the hospital staff hands the baby in your arms there's that moment when you look into the baby's eyes and think to yourself  "I have NO clue what I am doing... this is NUTS!  We've got some serious growing up to do!"

We'll I'd like to think WE have! As a matter of fact I know WE have! The Mom I was the day I took him home (the Lord did help him) is certainly the same Mom but a Mom that has learned and grown-up.

Sure I still like my music... and I like it loud! Sure I still like to have fun... I know my friends Jim, Bud (light), and Jose but with limits now! And Sure I like staying up late... as long as I can sleep in (and not just because I have to write a paper for school!)!

Yep... I've grown-up, but along the way I dragged a little boy with me, sometimes kicking and screaming with alot of  "why's and it's not fair". I guess I've got this parenting thing down right.

Last night, I watched my son hold a sad bearded dragon that is just beaten down (soul wise) and seemingly lonely. He just held Spike and reassured him that he was loved. Now that's grown-up.

This morning I peeked in on Mr. Spike and he had his little "swagger" back sitting in his tank with the look of "I'm loved" puffed out on his chest... yep... he is!

I as a parent- I taught that. My son learned it... and he carried it on...We've grown-up... together!

We've Grown... some taller than others!

 TLC goes along way